GeneratePress Free vs Premium 2021: Is Premium worth?

Here is a detailed comparison of GeneratePress Free vs Premium theme. Generatepress is one of the most popular and lightweight WordPress themes out there. Generatepress is very easy to use, highly customizable fast and lightweight theme. If you want to use generatepress on your blog and can’t decide you should go with premium version or free version of generatepress, then you are at the right place.

Here we are going to compare both the versions in details and we will look at every aspect of both versions.

As i’m using premium version of generatepress on this blog, i have also shared my experience with both the versions in this article. I have explained all the Features , Pros and Cons and other factors that your should know about choosing between generatepress free and premium version.

So let’s get started with our generatepress free vs premium comparison…

GeneratePress Free vs Premium Quick Comparison

Here is a table for a quick overview and comparison between Free version and premium version of GeneratePress  theme. Features of generatepress free vs premium :

FeaturesGP FreeGP Premium
No. of Sites500500
Mobile & SEO FriendlyYes Yes
Change LayoutLimitedUnlimited
Receive UpdatesYesYes
Site LibraryNoYes
Advanced CustomizationNoYes
Remove CreditsNoYes
Support NoYes
Change BackgroundsNoYes
Change TypographyNoYes

GeneratePress Review : Introduction

Generatepress is one of the leading wordpress themes, Many professional bloggers use and prefer generatepress because of it’s easy customizability and useful features.

Generatepress is very lightweight and fast theme, that’s why it is best theme if you need a fast loading website. 

Generatepress is powering more than 3,00,000 websites and have been 5 star rating from 1000+ customers and received 1050+ reviews on WordPress Plugins Directory.

The Generatepress premium version comes with a site library, which has many pre made templates and designs that you can apply with one click and make your site looking great in minutes.

I’m using Generatepress Premium with Marketer child theme on this blog, Yes this blog is also designed with generatepress. 

Generatepress comes with two different versions, the one is free version, which is the parent theme, and the other one is premium version, which actually a Add on, a GP Premium Plugin. Which Enables multiple features in your theme.

So let’s compare both the versions in detail and decide which one is best suitable for you!

GeneratePress Free Version

The free version is of generatepress comes with some useful features that makes it better than many other free themes available in the market, it’s fast loading and lightweight theme, the generatepress free theme is less than 30 Kb in size.

The free version is responsive, mobile and seo friendly and comes with some customization features also. 

But it doesn’t have that much customization options. You can’t fully customize your site without coding. Generatepress Free version allows you to customize header layouts, font customization, typography, widgets etc 

If you  want to change anything on your site then you have to do coding or hiring a developer. 

And the free version doesn’t comes with customer support like the premium version.

Here is a list some interesting features that you will get with Generatepress Free version:

Lightweight and fast Theme : The GP theme is very fast and it is less than 30kb in size. As it is using clean code, it loads way faster than many other popular themes. 

SEO and Mobile Optimized : generatepress is mobile friendly theme, it can fit with any device that you are using, whether it is laptop, mobile or a tablet, it can fit any screen size.

The Generatepress theme is also SEO Optimized, it uses the validated  html and built in structured data, that optimizes your site to perform better in search engines results and get higher rankings.

Custom CSS: You can also add custom css to edit and customize your website’s design, all you have to go to the customization option and then addition css feature. You can add your css code easily with this theme.

Customization : GP free version has very less customisation features as compared to the premium version, but it allows you to customize the header layouts, font and typography etc. 

Easy Reset : GP theme comes with a one click reset option, that means you can reset your theme with just one click and change your theme to it’s default design.

Now let’s discuss about the pros and cons of the GP Free Version :



Here is detailed information about the premium version:

GeneratePress Premium Version

The premium version of generatepress comes with many features and customization options that you can use to make you website look great.

In actual, the premium version is not a theme itself, it is an add on plugin that improves the functionality of the parent theme.

The premium version starts from 59 USD for a year, and $249 for the lifetime plan and you will get full customization options and you can customize your site without any coding knowledge.

Additionally, it comes with pre-made site libary, which has demos and pre-designed layouts that you can import and use on your site.

Here is a video about how you can activate the generatepress premium version and use all the features: 

Here are some interesting features of the GP Premium theme:

Site Library: The Generatepress premium theme comes with site library which have many great looking pre-made layouts, that you can apply on your blog and make it look exact same as the demo. 

You can import any demo easily with just a few clicks. There are 33+ Pre-made demos available. I’m using the Marketer Demo on this website (BloggingSurfer).

Import /Export : This is very useful and time saving feature of this theme. If you want to apply the same design on your other websites like the website you have customized, then this is very useful feature for you.

You can easily import and export the customization settings and make your other websites have the same design that you have created by customizing your first website. 

When you click on the export button it creates a json file and you can import that file to the other website easily with just few clicks.

Remove Footer Credit: You can easily remove the ” powered by generatepress” footer credit in the premium version. 

Colors : Easily customize the colors of different sections like header, primary navigation, footer bar, widgets background etc on your website.

Blog: with this module, you can show your posts in different ways, like grid , columns or masonry grid. You can make your website look like as you want. Here is a video explaining the blog layout section and customization:



Spacing : you can customize the space between different sections like header and sidebar, footer area and widgets etc., and make it look great.


Typography : This feature allows you to change the text style and typography with 70+ options, different fonts and styles etc.

Support forum: generatepress has a support forum for community and support, that only comes with the premium version. 

You can ask any question about customizing your theme and if you need any help then the support team is available 24×7 to help you in the forum.

Here are some pros and cons of the GP Premium version :




GP Premium Version Pricing and Plans

Generatepress comes with affordable pricing and low renewal costs. The GP Premium is available for $59 for 1 year and you will get updates for 1 year and support, also you will get access to their premium library.

You can also choose the lifetime plan that will cost you $249 and you can enjoy lifetime updates.

If you renew the theme before it gets expired then you will get 40% discount on renewal for lifetime!

Incase if you are not happy with the Generatepress theme, then you can get a full refund, as they offer a 30 days money back guarantee.

Get GP Premium Now for $59

You can get all the premium modules and site library with GP Premium, also you will get 1 year updates and support, 40% renewal discount & 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions on GP Free vs Premium

Here are some frequently asked questions about generatepress theme and it’s versions, I have included all the questions that are asked frequently but if you have any question and it is not answered here then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Is GeneratePress a Free Theme?

Yes, the Parent theme of generatepress is free, but the GP premium Add on is a Paid Plugin

On how many websites I can use GP Premium?

Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic life One day however a small line

Do I need to renew my license?

You can use Generatepress Free and Premium both versions on 500 Websites, there is no cap on the number of sites.

What happens after one year?

After 1 year if you don't renew it then you will not receive any updates and support from the forum.

Will my website Break if i don't renew after 1 year?

No, Your website will work Once you purchase GP Premium, you can use it for lifetime, but you will not receive any updates for new version or any priority support in the support forum from the team.

What if i am not happy with the theme?

In case you are not happy with the theme and you want a refund, then you can get a full refund in 30 days from the date of purchase.

Is it compatible with Elementor or Thrive?

Yes, Generatepress works with almost all popular page builders, You can design great looking landing pages with Elementor or thrive or any other page builder when you are using generatepress.

Conclusion on GP Premium vs Free version

This was our detailed comparison of generatepress free vs premium theme. 

So Here i have explained all the features of generatepress free and premium version. There is no doubt that generatepress is one of the best themes available for WordPress.

If you don’t need a lot of customization and a simple design is good for you then you can go with the GeneratePress Free version, as it is fast loading and lightweight.

But If you want to design a professional looking website and want to customize it then i will recommend you to go with the Premium version of Generatepress.

The best thing is that it comes with site library which has many designs and layouts to start with. You can customize your theme as you want and you don’t need coding knowledge or hiring a developer for it.

And There is also the customer support if you need any help regarding the theme setup and customization, So Generatepress premium will be best choice for you.

So, have you decided which one you want to go with? If you have any question that i haven’t answered here then feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Get GP Premium Now for $49.95

You can get all the premium modules and site library with GP Premium, also you will get 1 year updates and support, 40% renewal discount & 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Generatepress Discount Code: Generatepress doesn’t have any GeneratePress Premium Discount codes or coupons code or promos.

They’re many websites making false claims of:

  • GeneratePress Premium Discount Code 2021
  • GeneratePress Premium Discount Code
  • GeneratePress Premium Discount
  • GeneratePress Premium Coupon

However, the truth is that GeneratePress does not offer any coupons!

Here are some useful videos about the generatepress customization:

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